Sorouh cooperate with salahadin education to form a committee for selection teaching staff At 21/2/2017 Salahadin educational directorate forming a committee to select a teaching staff at Tal al Sebat camp .The committee interviewed the applicants for teaching in the schools tents .

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Sorouh completed the installation of TLS tent schools in AlAlam Sorouh has completed  the installation of TLS tent schools within the project  "Providing quality education and protection for newly displaced Children to Salahaldin"  with IHPF  in coordination with national education cluster.

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Under the banner back to school compaign sorouh arise four schools in the Qadisiyah complex and Drea Sorouh in Partnership with UNICEF  continue the process of establishing four schools for displaced students in Tikrit.

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Hawaa WCC continues to implement its activities in residential complexes for the displaced Through continuing activities carried out by Hawaa WCC , the center team  implemented a clean sweep in several residential complexes.

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Sorouh meeting with Salahaldin Governor Sorouh has attended the coordination meeting with Salahaldin  Governor and the UN and NNGOs  to provide urgent assistance to the  Shargat and Nainawa newly coming  IDPs .

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Announcement Sorouh Foundation announces  for the need to staff in Tikrit to work in the the Office of Sorouh on the following job vacancies:

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